Embark definition, to board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle, as for a journey. See more.


A decade later Ljungström embarked on a solo career as a singer/songwriter, making his eponymous album debut in 1993 on Warner Music subsidiary 

2 : to begin (something that will take a long time or happen for a long time) She's embarking on a new career. The company has embarked upon a risky new project. Learn More about embark on/upon Dictionary Entries near embark on/upon to take the first step in (a process or course of action) he's eager to finish college and to embark upon a career in teaching Synonyms for embarked (on or upon) 1. To cause to board a vessel or aircraft: stopped to embark passengers. 2. To enlist (a person or persons) or invest (capital) in an enterprise. Past tense for to begin or embark on an action, task or journey Past tense for to take the first step into something Past tense for to devote effort to something Past tense for to put forward for discussion or consideration embarked on: DEFINITIONS 2.

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to be uneasy, and at times even lost in its relationship to painting. Together with the artists Kristina Bength and Sigrid Sandström, they embarked on a project Working together with the Funka organization, If has embarked on the ambitious journey of making websites in the Nordic and Baltic countries accessible to all,  The investment firm which tried to buy Thomas Cook's Nordic operations before the British travel operator's collapse last month has embarked  Facebook Reality Labs Research has embarked on an ambitious mission to build the next computing platform in augmented and virtual reality systems. Health day – and also the day where we celebrate that it has been exactly five years since we embarked on our paradigm changing journey,. Yesterday, the Suunto ambassador embarked on an epic summer challenge – to climb 82 4,000 m peaks in the Alps in 80 days with the German guide, Michi  Kenya through the Council of Governors (CoG) with support from the Embassy of Sweden embarked on the SymbioCity Kenya Programme.

Why we embarked on constituency boundaries adjustment, by INEC. By Ifeanyi Agumba - March 5, 2021. 0.

In 1972, Nixon embarked on a state visit that still reverberates in top political circles today. That visit is now the background for one of the most influential operas 

9 Feb 2021 Despite COVID-19, 15,300 companies in Singapore pressed on with projects to raise productivity, enhance innovation and pursue  2 days ago While it is similar to QE of advanced economies, the central bank's programme is short-term in nature, restricted to G-secs and is not intended to  cell development, including B cells, after 1 wk of recovery on Earth. FASEB J. 2019 Mar;33(3):3772-3783. doi: 10.1096/fj.201801463R.

In the 19 years since Nigeria returned to civil rule under the Fourth Republic, university teachers in the country have embarked on strike 14 times that saw them stay away from work for about 40

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Higab – Västra Nordstan. Higab has embarked on development work in Västra Nordstan on the basis of sustainability, innovation and tradition. Magnus Carlsson is a Swedish pop singer who embarked on a chart-topping solo career after the turn of the century. He had. Read More Tracks 83. Members  Together we have now embarked on a journey to transform our business and deliver financial solutions that simplify everyday life for the many people with a  This evaluation focused on assessing whether the Centres had embarked on the work according to the official plans and whether they had taken the initiative in  and employment is that several companies which have embarked on active environmental programmes have benefited from them in financial and competitive  Blanchard konstaterar (2003:36): ”During the 1870s and 1880s, America embarked on a 'craze' – the Aesthetic Movement.

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English Having embarked on this road, the only fate that can await Moldova, in the best case scenario, is that of Belarus. more_vert open_in_new Link to source ‘The ship embarked the Lord Provost of Glasgow for the final part of the voyage to her berth at Yorkhill Quay, and the ship will be open to visitors on Saturday November 11 from 1300-1700.’ ‘Hurricanes are common in the area which HMS Sheffield will patrol and the ship has embarked equipment which will enable her to render assistance to islands which require emergency relief.’ Sec 3 ALP - 3E3 embarked on Phase 1 of their story writing process today.
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Antonyms for embarked on. 41 synonyms for embark: go aboard, climb aboard, board ship, step aboard, go on board, take ship, begin, start, launch, enter, engage, take up, set out. What are synonyms for embarked on? UNOPS has embarked on an ambitious change management programme, including IPSAS as one of its five pillars.

Embark definition, to board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle, as for a journey. See more. Embarked (on or upon): to take the first step in (a process or course of action).
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embark on , Глагол embark on / embarked on / embarked on / embarking on / embarks on , начинать.

Deafblind Torbjörn  investments in a cost efficient and competitive delivery, Transcom has embarked on a path of double digit organic growth and profitability. Since the beginning of the summer of 2020, Chaparral Golf embarked on a new project, seeking its own energy self-sufficiency. After several  As we embarked on a brand journey together with Friends in 2018 one key question emerged: Is there a way to inject more hope and optimism in our brand  Solution: A Fully Integrated Order Fulfillment Process. HealthGenesis.com embarked on an ambitious overhaul of core systems. The company selected NetSuite as  The selection committee this year embarked on its task by reviewing all Swedish exhibitions held over the past five years throughout the country and abroad. Om Nom has embarked on another time travel adventure http://rdrct.it/ctrtimetravel .